VRDL Grand Final 2010

Photography by Angela McConnell

Well I guess its better late than never! I am finally getting around to catching up on my actual event blogging….

All the way back at the end of November we got to experience the awesome VRDL Grand Final – Dolls Au-Go-Go vs Toxic Avengers

Now I had a vested interest as the Dolls are my team and although some members of the VRDL think that I am maybe just a little too public with my support, I must point out that the other two league photographers are in fact Toxics supporters. I mean who did you really think the Oompa Loompa was supporting???

Back to the bout

The bout was held at the Flemington showgrounds for the first time and I have to say what an amazing venue, so much space, so much light, so much awesome!!! I loved it – pretty please can we have more bouts there VRDL Bout Committee?

First up were the Bloody Mary’s from Geelong (GRDL) vs Dead Ringer Rosies.
It was really interesting shooting the first bout, lots more ambient light than I was used to (even though we had one of those weekends in Melbourne where they tell you to brace for flash flooding!) and a new position to shoot from just ahead of the jammer line. It gave me an opportunity to shoot a bit closer than what I normally would have and single out a few people.

Rosies win! Geoff was happy!

Then the Grand Final!
By this stage the rain had really set in and the ambient light was dropping fast. So we had the stadium lights come on and change it up a bit. I really liked the rim lighting and spot effects that it gave – definitely different from Puckhandlers and I think it adds a bit more drama to the shots which I like.

ok so this shot made my entire Derby season! This was some serious happy dance, bottom wiggling when this came out on the back of the camera. The super awesome Dolly Tartan showing everyone how to fly!

Special mention must be made to Sherribomb who had a very nasty stack and ended up in the Royal Melbourne Hospital for facial surgery and now has some plates in her face. Get well soon Sherribomb!

These girls are super committed to this sport and train long and hard to perform at this level. Do not make the mistake of thinking its a bunch of pretty girls on skates putting on a show.

More pictures can be viewed at my Zenfolio page


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