Port Fairy Trip 2011

Photography by Angela McConnell

Since Geoff and I both worked through Xmas last year, we decided that we need a mini-break away to take some time out from the general craziness that is our lives in Melbourne. It was some severely required downtime and Geoff’s parents very nicely gave a us a break in Port Fairy for our Xmas present.

We decided to incorporate some annual leave after the Australia Day public holiday so took Thursday to Monday off. Given that we had an awesome Australia Day BBQ which meant copious amounts of alcohol consumed over approximately 7 hours which meant a probable hangover, a shoot with the gorgeous L’amour for a new project and the fact that I had a Model Posing workshop on Thursday night (and late onset hangover blurgh!) we decided not to head off until Friday morning.

Port Fairy is about a 3 and a half hour drive to the west of Melbourne, although it takes considerably longer if you are stuck behind someone doing 60kmh in a 100kmh zone! We took the inland route via Colac given that I tend to get incredibly carsick just driving down the Great Ocean Road (which is intensely beautiful but winding somewhat like the Parapara’s back home) and that it would add another hour or three onto the drive.

We booked into some little cottages that used to be I suppose what you would call government buildings in the late 1800’s. Very cute brick cottages with open fireplaces and spa bath (very very important consideration for us when travelling!). It was right on the main strip of town and close to the beach so we didn’t bother using the car all weekend really.

Our Accommodation

We got out Friday afternoon and hit the main strip so I could indulge in some abstract photography…

Down the shopping strip – Geoff would have preferred to be at the Husband Creche!

We really didn’t do much all weekend which is what we intended although I did mention to Geoff quite a few times that I felt insanely guilty lying around doing nothing. I think that the most strenuous thing we did was walk to the icecream shop down the road!

Saturday night we got some fish and chips, apple cider (unfortunately not Monteiths) and walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, except we got hungry early and got bored waiting for the sunset after being on the beach for a couple of hours (best intentions!)

Saturday night at the beach with the seagulls

Sunday we thought we would go and check out Koroit since Geoff’s Mum had told him it was pretty cool – except the whole town was closed and Geoff’s Mum didn’t actually mention that the reason she thought it was cool was because of the botanic gardens, the crater and the garden nursery at the crater. We drove past the crater and kept going until we got to Warnambool where I decided to hunt down some antiques.

Monday morning we drove back and arrived home to some grumpy kitties who have decided to claim the antiques as their new beds and a massive pile of washing!

Rastus tires of the day bed I bought him last week and appreciates the new decor as his bed instead!

Feathery top I got from one of the less Nanna-like boutiques (bargain from $130 to $49!)

$10 Fur Coat from the Lifeline shop at Port Fairy


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