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So this weekend is a long one here in Toronto, but inexplicably we are celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday. I am so used to celebrating Queens Birthday in June for Queen Elizabeth II (you should know I am in fact a closet monarchist!)….so this is a little strange to me.

But…you get to blow up stuff for Victoria Day…who knew!! I LOVE fireworks, I love even more that here you can have rockets, which have been banned in NZ since I was 9 years old. I’m not sure we will actually buy fireworks this year, its money we don’t really need to spend and I am not sure where exactly we would let them off given we have no backyard. Maybe the middle of our gorgeous street?

So since the weather this weekend has been beyond AMAZING (27 degrees yesterday and 28 today) we decided to get out and about and put on our walking shoes. Except I decided that it was the perfect time to break in a new pair of summer sandals and a pair of jandals, so tonight my feet are pretty much killed!

Saturday we decided (I decided) that we should try a new brunch place not far from home (about a 2km walk), of course this would be the weekend that they decided to open at midday instead of 11am so we got to have an extended wander around Christie Pits. We ended up in the park (after eyeing off a LOT of houses) which was really interesting as you could feel the subway line running right under where we were sitting!

Breakfast was super yummy even though they didn’t have the breakfast pie I was lusting after…saaad face!

Saturday night we had friends over and ate cheese and pizza – this has not been good 8km funrun prep…

Sunday after I had ruined my feet and got massive blisters from my sparkly jandals, it was time to check out a new neighbourhood and head down to The Beaches. Of course pretty much everyone else had the exact same idea!

This is a tad busier than St Kilda!

Beach Volleyball lots marked out as far as the eye could see, each with their own little courtside party going on

It got a bit quieter where the shore was more rocky.

There were a lot of trees set just back from the beach, which is lovely shade from the sun

We walked back up through some pretty streets with a gorgeous park on our way to Queen East

Loved the light in this park!

Geoff makes friends with a squirrel…I am just thankful its not a possum!

Oh look! There’s a Pie Shack on Queen East…who knew!

You can read, play cards or boardgames…or EAT PIE!

So Geoff thinks we have walked about 10km this weekend so far and that his quota of walking for the year has been reached! I have learnt that the Canadian sun is much kinder to our skin than in NZ or Australia where we both burn in minutes and another reason I am loving Canada!

One more day off in which I will grant Geoff a rest day, and then back to work for me on Tuesday!

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