Crossing Borders for the Toronto Burlesque Festival

For its 5th Anniversary, the Toronto Burlesque Festival is proud to present Crossing Borders, an exhibition of photography and drawings from members of the Vaudeville Visual Artists Alliance – all of whom are deeply involved in and committed to the burlesque community – as well as special guest artists who are equally as passionate about the energy and beauty of the cabaret. Artists include Olena Sullivan (Photolena), MOPO, Chris Hutcheson, Ruth Gillson, Angela McConnell, Patricia Horton Nicky Potter and Kristi C. Holtam.

To many, burlesque is simply saucy women taking their clothes off on stage in a licentious striptease – but that generalization only scratches at the surface of this complex, creative, and often misjudged art form. The art of Crossing Borders draws back the velvet curtain to reveal burlesque as an art form that crosses sexual, emotional, cultural, and physical borders, coming together as a community that supports and celebrates this truly energetic, creative, and diverse subculture.

The Painted Lady
218 Ossington Ave. |
Wednesday, July 18
From 6pm-1am


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