Reveal me July – I pop my cherry

Photography by Angela McConnell

In July I finally popped my Toronto Burlesque live performance cherry. I literally hadn’t shot any live performance since the Australian Burlesque Festival fundraiser back in early February in Melbourne (darling Melbourne burly girls I miss you!)
So it was time to get back in the saddle and get some much needed practice in before the Toronto Burlesque Festival. Lucky for me I was invited by the gorgeous Red Herring to visit her monthly show – Reveal Me at the Rivoli

The evening was emceed by the delightfully sarcastic Daytona Bitch and sported a variety of “professional peelers” and virgin vixens!

Here are some images from the night

Ala Mode

Gigi Vanilla

Daytona Bitch and stage manager Asston von Martian

Show producer Red Herring

Liv Vicariously

Eve of Destruction

Mina LaFleur

Coco Framboise

For the love of bacon

I had so much fun I keep going back – next show is this Wednesday 5th September and continues the first Wednesday of each month


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