First shoot – Diana Mini Lomography

Photography by Angela McConnell

I have amazing friends, friends who notice how I light up when I talk to them about my photography and indulge me in long winded conversations about it. One of these beautiful people bought me a Diana Mini for my birthday last month (YAY!!)

Super amazing friend has a very generous Dad who donated me some of his expired film stock while we were in England so I could have a play with my new pressie (and also indulged me in long winded conversation about photography).

Here are some of the photos from my first film. We were travelling around England at the time in variable weather conditions and I was shooting on expired 400ISO black and white film. I really love how some of the really dark moody images turned out – beautiful grain and shadow. They may be a little too under exposed to some peoples tastes, but that is what I have tended to do right from the start with my digital photography (oh how I used to be told off by the technical types who were “mentoring” me!)

I played with quite a few multiple exposures too – of course I had no idea how they would turn out, but thought it would be fun to try.

Damien Hirst sculpture – Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe coast at nearing sunset

Tunnels Beaches at Ilfracombe

Boats in Ilfracombe harbour at low tide

Double exposure in Bath

View of Ilfracombe town

Double exposure of Ilfracombe coastline

Double exposure of boats at low tide in Ilfracombe harbour (ghost boat!)

Double exposure of husband (slightly more irritated in second exposure)

Double exposure of Bath streets at dusk

Buildings at Laycock – set of many TV mini series and movies

Manor house at Laycock

Bath buildings at dusk

Double exposure of Bath buildings at dusk

Bath Abbey and the entrance to the Roman baths.

I plan to do a couple of test shoots at some stage using triggers on the hot shoe for my studio strobes – could be fun to use for a couple of studio shoots and film developing costs here in Canada don’t appear to be too astronomical compared to when I last used film in NZ.


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