Australian Burlesque Festival – Sexy Circus Sideshow

Whilst I am in the midst of an editing frenzy from the 3 shows of this years Toronto Burlesque Festival, Late Night Shakedown, Glam-a-ganza and the Long Kiss Goodnight, I thought I would take a look back to the very first festival I ever shot – the first Australian Burlesque Festival.

I also just noticed that I never blogged photos from the 2011 Australian Burlesque Festival so I will do a little highlight blog soon xxx

Photography by Angela McConnell

Photography by Angela McConnell

Event number two for the Australian Burlesque Festival was the Sexy Circus Sideshow…complete with tricks, lion tamers, amazing aerial feats and the circus freak with 4 boobs!
Sexy Circus Sideshow was held at The Order of Melbourne and played to a fuller than full capacity crowd – people were standing 3 or 4 deep at the bar!

Highlights for this show definitely, DEFINITELY Boylesque Boywonder’s aerial act on the silks which was an absolute joy to watch and shoot, Missy’s android inspired pole dance routine was spectacular and LiliKoi Kaos showed me why she wont be getting an invite to any high tea parties anytime soon.

Here are some images from the night

Backstage at SCS – should mention that I have a bit of a shoe fetish always taking photos of shoes!

Backstage at SCS

Ms Mizzy

Peaches ‘n’ Gin

Peaches ‘n’ Gin

LiliKoi Kaos

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