Model Talk and Giveaway with Percy Katt

little piece on my dear Percy, with a few photos by me ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautรฉ is only skin deep, but in this Canadian modelโ€™s case, he is a stunner right to the very core. Dear readers, meet Mr. Percy Katt.


Percy is the youngest of three brothers โ€“ oui, there is a gaggle of them.


He began modelling in his teens where he walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, who also happens to be one of his fav designers.


โ€œI love his sense of humor and gender play in design. I would wear every piece from his Autumn/Winter collection. The palette is very me: the construction is innovative and I love the mix of pattern with pops of leatherโ€ฆI have an anchor tattoo on my bicep; Nautical imagery is so timeless & camp, and so tied to Gaultier.โ€


Mr. Katt is certainly more than just a pretty face. Currently, he is a part of Kkunt Factorywhere he collaborates with Obskyura. They useโ€ฆ

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