Family Photo Friday

I have decided to start posting photos every Friday on my Instagram account using #familyphotofriday

I am challenging you all to also do this.

I think it is really important to have your history recorded through photography, so I want to share with you all some photos of me and my family. Some of these photos are digital, some are scans of original prints (bless the Kodak orange/brown cast from the 70’s). Some from New Zealand, some from our time in Australia and now in Toronto.

Photos tell a story, a memory of a family get together, a trip away or a special occasion. I want everyone to tell and celebrate their own stories, and tell them more often than those “important” occasions. Take more photos, be in more photos, and don’t let them idle away in digital space – have beautiful prints made, hang them, cherish them.

Contemporary Beauty Portraits Toronto

In case you have missed my first month’s worth of records, here are the links

Last Friday

Friday 4/4/2014

Friday 28/3/2014

Friday 21/3/2014

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