Behind the Scenes – The Studio Wardrobe

If you are anything like me, it’s a bit of a struggle to figure out what to wear on the best of days. If I know I have an event coming up, I tend to start thinking about what is in the wardrobe a good couple of weeks in advance (this also extends to travelling where I have been known to pack anything up to 6 months out).

I am doing a little photographer swap this week, where myself and another photographer are going to shoot each other’s portraits for use on our websites. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure I have it sorted – a long black maxi dress (because I love black) but I still need to figure out my hair – especially since the Toronto summer is causing it to puff up to three times its normal volume.

So having said all this, you maybe a little curious as to what someone would wear when they have booked a portrait shoot. I am a huge advocate of options, the more options the better. So normally I would suggest between 6 and 8 outfits that you love, and especially not forgetting that one outfit that you really, really love and bought that time but just didn’t have and excuse to wear more than once. THAT is the most important outfit.

During a 2 hour photo shoot, there is probably time for 4 or 5 outfit choices, so come prepared with an idea of what is your most favourite of all your outfit choices. Bring the pieces that represent your style and personality, whether you are quirky, bohemian, corporate or casual. As for me, you will pretty much always find me wearing black in some way, shape or form. I live in jeans but also love a good maxi dress, and am somewhat partial to leopard print.

It is all up to how you want to look, these are your photos that will tell your story. If you still aren’t sure, check out my “What to Wear” board on Pinterest. It has a whole lot of different options, easy casual looks, something a bit more corporate, and then headlong into sparkly party dresses.

Of course there might also be some time left to have a little bit of a play in my studio wardrobe, which given my obsession with anything that glitters, floats or is made of tulle is expanding at a rapid pace which you can see here in this behind the scenes video of the Studio Wardrobe Tulle, chiffon and sequins during this shoot with Jessica

Contemporary Beauty Portraits Toronto

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