Finally found a use for my husband 🙂

Geoff Lester | Technical Artist

As a little side distraction, I started helping my wife out with an application for her photography business here in Toronto:

She has been using the Contact Sheet script in Photoshop.
Unfortunately, sometimes there seem to be gaps between the images, even when the Spacing parameters are set correctly.

Not a problem, I thought. I’ll jump into the javascript, and just make… 12 000 lines! Egads, kill it with fire!!!!

I have a general rule about programming at home these days that if I can’t open it / debug it immediately in Visual Studio(tm), and it’s more than a few pages of code, I take a long hard think about it.
And generally go play Civilization 5 instead…

Anyway… I decided to knock together something very simple in C# for Ange, and here it is:

It doesn’t have even 1/10th the functionality of the Contact Sheet script, but…

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