My Dream Studio

This weekend I created a new board on Pinterest and I have going a bit crazy with pinning. It really solidified what would be my absolute dream studio and reminded me of an idea Geoff and I originally had as our 10 year plan back in Melbourne in 2010.

Geoff and I had spoken about our long terms plans regarding real estate after buying our first home together in Melbourne. We lived in semi industrial area on the boundary of West Footscray and there were so many beautiful warehouses that would make amazing conversions.

We really loved the idea of an industrial conversion as a live/work space, but also as a communal hub for creatives like us. Geoff works in the computer games industry as a Technical Art Director – you can check out his blog here.

So if we ever won lotto, we planned to buy an warehouse to convert and have a living space for ourselves and the furkids, a motion capture studio, a photography studio and a co-working space.

Our constant moving around has put those plans on hold but it was so fun creating this board, and the fact that it brought up all the plans we have.

If you want to check out the board click here 

This is what my current studio looked like last summer, a few small changes here and there since then but nothing major. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of my studio in West Footscray, it was maybe a tiny bit bigger and I would have been able to utilise natural light but was only shooting strobes at the time.

Toronto Portrait Photographer | Toronto Studio Setup
Toronto Portrait Photographer | Toronto Studio Setup


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