Natural Light Workshop – Clare

Part two of the Natural Light workshop in early July with Australian fashion photographer Peter Coulson.

Clare was another of the models who had the most amazing curly hair and just the right amount of freckles.

For me the lighting situations Clare was placed in were most challenging for me. I am reasonably comfortable utilising light bouncing off adjacent walls or concrete floors, but Clare was for the most part placed in direct, harsh sunlight.

One other difference for me was that for the most part of the workshop, I was using a lens that I am not entirely fond of, but that I feel I should use more in my portrait and head shot work. It is the Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro which I did buy initially to use for macro purposes (back when I was shooting a lot of abstract nature images), but I had often heard that it can work well as a portrait lens.
I am not fond of it because it really struggles to find focus when using AF and will loudly announce it by grinding through as it searches for the focus point. So my second test for myself for this workshop was to only use Manual Focus when using this lens.

And it worked so much better than it had done in the past!

Here are some of the images I shot with Clare

Toronto Photographer | Natural Light Portrait

At this point of the workshop, I had swapped back to my old favourite Canon 50mm f1.8 (cheap and cheerful)

Toronto Photographer | Natural Light Portrait

Model Clare
MUA Joanne Cheng

If you would like to find out more information or you would like to book a natural light portrait session – contact me here


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