Natural Light Workshop – Chantal

This is part 3 of the Natural Light Workshop I did in early July with Australian fashion photographer Peter Coulson.

I didn’t end up getting to shoot too many of the third model Chantal. I tend to get a little intimidated when there are more than about 5 or so participants at photography workshops and hang back a bit.
I also like to wait until the crowd has dispersed and moved onto other set ups before I jump in and start shooting.

As a result I only got images of Chantal that were set up just inside a parking garage. The garage was an open at both ends but covered – you can see the light coming in from the rear entrance lighting the back wall, but Chantal was in the shade with light bouncing up from the concrete in front of her.

It works out to be almost a clamshell lighting effect but with a bit more strength on the up light from the bounce of the concrete at her feet.

Toronto Photographer | Natural Light Portrait

Toronto Photographer | Natural Light Portrait

Model Chantal 

MUA Joanne Cheng

I really enjoyed these workshops and the chance to have a bit of a referesher from Peter. It was also nice to know that I had retained a fair bit of the information I gathered from the previous workshops in Melbourne, and were already using a lot of the tips he had passed on.

I would definitely recommend other photographers to take advantage of any workshop that Peter provides – I have learnt a lot from each one I attended both here in Toronto and in Melbourne and look forward to seeing if Peter can make it back to Canada in 2016.

If you are interested in see the images from the rest of the workshop, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here 

If you would like to find out more information or you would like to book a natural light portrait session – contact me here


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