That’s what we are…perpetual migrants
We are both plagued with itchy feet.
During our trip to Vancouver at Christmas, Geoff and I had spoken on multiple occasions about the possibility of moving from Toronto. And since we seem to spend a maximum of 6 years in any one particular place, and after nearly 4 years in Toronto, it was obviously getting to that time.
The major difference for us with this move, is that it would be purely by choice as a couple and not a need. Obviously we both had made a choice to travel independently of each other, which is how we met on a TopDeck Summer Fun & Sailing tour in 2003.
Geoff needed to return to Canberra after that tour as he had enrolled in a course focusing on art for computer games.
Once he finished his course, we knew that for him to actually further his career, we would need to leave Canberra and move elsewhere in Australia.
Quick side story – the weird thing is that every time we move, I pack a random notepad so that we have something to pop notes on…and every single time we move, the same damn notepad turns up with all the notes from our previous moves…this included information for all the companies that Geoff would apply to for our first move…this move was exactly the same…same freaking notepad.
So we ended up in Melbourne, which I absolutely loved. That city is one of the cities that has my heart (along with London, Rome and Wellington). But even before Geoff was made redundant in late 2011, I could feel the itchy feet starting up. That as much as I loved Melbourne, it was time to move on and experience something new.
And so we ended up in Toronto. I’m going to be honest…I never loved Toronto. There were other expats I met that raved about Toronto, but I could never understand why. We just didn’t click. I met beautiful people and have amazing memories from the 4 years we spent there, but I wouldn’t be in a massive hurry to move back. And so the trip at Christmas…
We spoke a lot about a potential move..the pros and cons, would we be moving there just to hang out with our friends Steve and Cari, could I start my photography from scratch again, would the cats cope with another big move?
I created a vision board of everything I wanted this year, a large photography studio, the opportunity to shoot more lifestyle images, and Vancouver. I had a little mantra in my head while I walked to my part time job. We had optimistically hoped to move by the end of 2016…and then Geoff was contacted in late February about a possible job opening. And we moved in April…
I feel so at home here.
I think I forgot how connected I feel to the ocean and mountains when I’m around them, and how much I needed it. I’m amazed at the views, I love the area we live in and I’m happy.
Here are some photos I took on a wander down to Kitsilano Beach to watch the sunset on an extremely balmy late spring evening…this was getting close to 9pm
Hope you enjoy them

Sony A7II
Helios 44-50mm f2.8
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Mina LaFleur · June 30, 2016 at 02:25

I’m so happy for you, Ange and Geoff. It’s so wonderful that you’ve found a place that really feels like home. I’ve never been in the mountains, any mountains, but they call me from all corners of the earth. Much love and happiness to you both!

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