Annex Cat Rescue – Snorlax

During my last couple of months in Toronto, I started photographing some of the cats available for adoption through Annex Cat RescueSince kittens are really cute and easier to find forever homes for, I was part of a team updating photos for some of the older cats, and those that had some medical issues which can make it harder for them to be considered.
You might remember an earlier post about handsome ginger Lenny Tabbitz  – the diabetic kitty who found his forever home.

So this time I got to meet Snorlax, the gorgeous black girl with beautiful green eyes, who was a little on the plump and hefty side. She also had a bit of asthma, which meant she has an inhaler (through the cutest little kitty spacer ever).

Here are a few shots from her session where she chilled out for a bit and then got stuck into the catnip toys.

The great news for Snorlax is that she was recently adopted….but there are still plenty of kitties available for adoption on the Annex Cat Rescue website.


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