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I love playing with outdoor environmental portraits. And a little bit of rain never hurt anyone.

When Rryla and I started chatting about her photoshoot session the weather looked like it was pretty promising. We were planning to head down to the beach just before sunset for some boho-chic portraits in pretty sunset and dusk light.

The afternoon of the shoot was still looking pretty good. Intermittent clouds but still patches of blue sky and sun so we decided to go ahead.
Of course an hour before the shoot it starts to cloud over. That’s is totally fine, I have nothing against shooting in overcast conditions, I actually really like it.

Natural light portrait of a young woman in a black hat and silver necklaces looking at the camera with English Bay in the background

I decided to check Accuweather, I wish I hadn’t….
The exact time we are meant to start shooting it’s calling for light rain…ok this is fine, just a little sprinkle never hurt anyone or their camera gear.

Natural light portrait of a young woman in a black hat sitting on a rock under a tree looking out over English Bay

Now it wasn’t particularly torrential rain, but it was steady which was just a bit annoying…enough that it would get chilly quickly. Like an absolute trooper, Rryla pushed and  aced this shoot and I am so happy with the photos we created.

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