VOKRA – Scotiabank Half Marathon 2016

I’m on team VOKRA. Except I didn’t run – I haven’t done a 5km for a LONG time and it’s best not to get into a 5km again until I have done a bit of training and stopped eating so much ice cream.

I decided after doing some work for Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto, that I really wanted to keep volunteering for organisations I am passionate about. VOKRA fit the bill here in Vancouver – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, rescues and places cats and kittens in foster homes until they can be permanently adopted

So I signed up to man the desk at events, where we let people know how VOKRA helps kitties in Vancouver, through adoption, fostering and kitty care.

I also am now an adoptions counsellor, where I interview potential adopters, and then match them to kitties that suit their situation best.

In June the Scotiabank Half Marathon took place in Stanley Park and around English Bay. I went down to help man the desk and took a few photos of Team VOKRA.

Here are a few images from the day…hope you enjoy them!

Sony A7II
Helios 44 50mm f2.8


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