Outdoor Portraits – Catherine and Liam

At the same time that I was shooting with Catherine in Jericho, her partner Liam came along and so we did a little couples side shoot.

There was a little bit of cloud cover which I am always a fan of since it produces nice, even and diffuse light. I found a little area of ferns and popped Catherine and Liam in between them. There were also a few directly in front of me that I could shoot through to create some interesting effects .

I really really love obscured faces, so some of my favourite shots were of Catherine and Liam interacting where I couldn’t necessarily see their faces, but the body language was obvious 🙂

Here are a few images from the afternoon out at Jericho…hope you enjoy!

Sony A7II
Canon L 70-200 f2.8

Catherine Facebook & Instagram
Liam Facebook & Instagram

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