Outdoor Portraits with Jennifer

I feel like Jericho is going to be a “go to” spot for me. This is the second shoot I have done here and the feel is so different from this shoot of portraits with Catherine and then couples portraits with her partner Liam.

I could not have been more excited when I got to Jericho to see this little meadow full of wild flowers. When I had gone earlier in June, it was just grassy looking and there was no hint that this would have popped up.

Jennifer is so tiny that she embodied this ย ethereal, woodland nymph-esque shoot perfectly. I had a vintage bias nightgown in my studio wardrobe, and had recently made a flower crown which matched the colours perfectly.

Also the bokeh on the Carl Zeiss Jena lens was beautiful. I am almost predominantly using legacy lenses at this point and although sometimes they can be a little quirky, the bokeh and creamy feel is definitely worth it for me.

Here are a few images from the afternoon…hope you enjoy them

Sony A7II
Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f2.8

Model – Jennifer
IG @jenwhatley_

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