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Introducing Lindsay from Build a Fit Physique, a personal trainer based in Etobicoke, Ontario.

I met Lindsay at a networking event just as she launched her personal trainer business after leaving the corporate world.

Portrait of Lindsay from Build a fit physique a personal trainer using hand weights and looking at the camera by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

It was so interesting to hear her thoughts on starting a new business and then at subsequent meeting on how her business was starting to flourish.

We arranged this shoot in early spring, although you wouldn’t know it with the dump of snow the night before!
It was great to see Lindsay’s brand new studio in Etobicoke, ON. It’s such a great space; bright natural light, colourful and spacious.

She will customise a fitness and nutrition plan to her client’s specific needs in order to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Lindsay often shares a lot of great tips on her social media channels. Easy exercises you can incorporate into your day, whether it is behind a desk or outdoors. She also has some great healthy meal alternatives.

Image of a personal trainer demonstrating correct planking form during a session with an elderly client for Lindsay from build a fit physique by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

You can find out more about Lindsay by clicking on the buttons below to follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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