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More from our late summer camping trip to Golden Ears Provincial Park.

After our walk to the waterfall we headed back to the campsite to snack, drink beer, and make some dinner.

Kindling next to a campfire
Image of a blue tent in a campground
Image of an axe in a log in a campground
Image of a man relaxing in a hammock

Like I said in the previous post, Steve and Cari are camping pros and had everything we needed to make a delicious dinner of spag bol (spaghetti bolognese) complete with cheesy garlic bread.

I again managed to disgrace myself by squealing really loudly, complete with flailing arms when our snacks were raided by a gang of raccoons.

Luckily only one bag of pita chips were sullied and the cheeky raccoons were encouraged to raid someone else’s campsite.

The raccoons there must have themselves totally set up, just moving from camp to camp.

Sparks flying off a campfire

We had a little shower of rain on Sunday morning, but then the sun came back and lit up all the smoke from the campfires through the trees.

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