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Since the US border is so close to us in Vancouver, we decided to take advantage and take a long weekend trip to Seattle to explore.

Geoff has been a little absent for most of the summer this year. It’s pretty much accepted that when a project is nearing delivery, that crunch gets a little more intense.
So we haven’t really been able to get away or explore around Vancouver since we arrived in May.

So when Geoff was given some time off, we decided to take advantage of being so close to the United States and take a few days off to Seattle.
Things did not start well…one of the cats got sick a couple of hours before we were leaving and we weren’t sure if we were going to have to cancel.

Black and white image of architecture in downtown Seattle

 Lucky for us we have our vet clinic half a block down the road, and they offer boarding facilities.
So the little troublemaker stayed down there just in case things went a bit south again, while his brother lapped up all the attention he could get to himself from the cat-sitter.

Once we got past the border, we made pretty good time to Seattle which is what you would expect given it was mid afternoon on a Wednesday.
After a little bit of a tiki tour through the suburbs trying to find a street that wasn’t one way we made it to our Airbnb.

It was a great place to base ourselves. We were able to leave the car out the front the entire time with no problems.
Great access to public transport right down the street and a 15 minute walk to Ballard with heaps of bars, restaurants and craft breweries.

Laneway in Pioneer Square area of Seattle
Entrance to laneway in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle

We actually only ended up having 2 full days in Seattle since Wednesday and Saturday ended up being travel days, including a stop off on the way home to the Outlet Mall at Tulalip.

Thursday morning we went out in search of our obligatory morning coffee, luckily our Airbnb hosts had a little booklet of local places to eat, drink and get “fancy” coffee which was great. Seattle coffee (the “fancy” kind) was actually pretty good, although I opted for a triple shot small latte which brings it on par with Melbourne doubles.

Coffee in the sunshine outside Cafe Umbria in Ballard district of Seattle

After coffee we jumped on a bus downtown to wander around the area – we never really have set plans on these sorts of trips, we just walk different ways and see where we end up for the most part, or get lost.

Image of Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle

We made it to Pike Place Market around lunchtime and it was super crazy.
Lots of tourists but it was cute and kitschy with neon lighting, magic shops and food stalls.
We were starting to get hungry but didn’t really want to get caught up in all the touristy spots in the market so started to head towards Pioneer Square.
Of course we got distracted by an ice cream shop that served Soda Floats – otherwise known as spiders in the southern hemisphere.

Cherry ice cream float at Pike Place Market in Seattle
Image of a cherry ice cream float at Pike Place Market in Seattle
Image of ice cream being dunked in cola to make an ice cream float at Pike Place Market in Seattle
Image of ice cream being dunked in cola to make an ice cream float at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Finally when our feet hurt too much and we couldn’t decide where to eat downtown,and after going to a place that literally had nothing available that was advertised on the menu other than fries or onion rings, we jumped back on the bus to hit up one of the places in Ballard.

Since we were meeting up with an old work friend of Geoff’s later on in the evening we also decided to hit up one of the local craft breweries for a quick tipple before dinner, which then turned into many cocktails at a bar before a late dinner.

It should be noted that most of our trips revolve around coffee, food and alcohol and some tourist hotspots…but mostly the coffee, food and alcohol.

Public art installation in downtown Seattle
Public art installation in downtown Seattle

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