Natural Light Portraits – Chaviva

Since I don’t know too many people here I have been trying to get to quite a few different meetup groups to connect and meet new people. I met Chaviva at a meetup for freelancers in Vancouver.

Chaviva is originally from the States, but was spending the summer in Vancouver and is now on an even more exciting adventure and moving to Ireland. She has such an engaging personality and I really loved her style and curly hair. We put some 90’s R&B music on and she had some fun dancing in her awesome flowy top.

This was the first indoor shoot I have done here since we moved. All my previous shoots, I took advantage of being close to Jericho Beach or the little cove at the end of our street and did lots of outdoors natural light.

Previously in Toronto, I had been shooting with strobes only as I was working out of a spare bedroom in our basement apartment. And now, having downsized very significantly from a 3 bedroom house, to a 3 bedroom apartment to now a 1 bedroom apartment, it means I have had to learn how the light works here and the best configuration for my set up. Next shoot I will try and take a photo of how I am using the space.

What is actually interesting is that in some ways I feel like I have more space to move in terms of having space from the backdrop to the subject to me which I didn’t have in Toronto. The ceiling are also maybe a touch higher but not by much.

I am guessing as we head into late autumn and winter, I will need to pull out my strobes again to supplement the natural light – today is a rainy day and I can definitely see that I would need them. This shoot was done on a beautiful sunny day in the early afternoon, and even by this time I can see that the light is starting to drop a little bit more than I was expecting.

Here are some of the images from the shoot with Chaviva – hope you enjoy…..

Sony A7II
Jupiter-9 85mm f2.0

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