Natural Light Portraits – Alex

I met Alex at a networking event and knew that I had to photograph her. She is so striking. So of course I had to try to be cool and not too weird when I told her I would love to photograph her.

Alex is a UX designer for a software company and had recently moved from Seattle to Vancouver, but was actually born in Vancouver and her parents lived in the same neighbourhood that I now live in – Kitsilano.
She is also a very talented printmaker – check out her Instagram here

We met on a very gloomy and rainy Saturday morning, but before the session, we walked down towards Kitsilano Beach so that we could catch the view across the bay to Stanley Park and West Vancouver. It’s a stunning view even on a rainy day, and so pretty seeing the trees around the shoreline of Stanley Park changing to autumn colours.

Initially I had thought to add some additional light into the shooting space since the light was really low, but I wasn’t loving the shadow that was being cast – I need to add another layer of diffusion to separate the light bouncing back into the space. I am thinking that next shoot I may try out using either a strip softbox or my huge octagonal softbox to see how that goes instead.

Geoff had sent me this blog post about cinematic light set-ups , so of course now I am thinking about continuous light too. The modelling lights on my strobes may work??? Again, something I would need to test out. So many different things to try in a new space!

In the end I loved the images that were natural light, although I had to push the ISO pretty high towards 2500, with the aperture around 2.8 to get enough light. Of course I love grain, so personally I wasn’t that concerned about the higher ISO.

Here are a few images from the session – hope you enjoy….

Sony A7II
Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0

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