If you were anywhere in metro Vancouver yesterday you would of course know that it snowed a bit yesterday. Like everyone else, I was posting lots of images on my Instagram stories feed of snow falling and traffic struggling to get up the hill outside our apartment.
I am still highly entertained by snow – well the first couple of snowfalls at least. After 4 winters in Toronto, I was less enamoured by it by May when it was still snowing and the rising feeling of dread that winter was never going to end.
Also I was never a fan of the snow, thaw, freeze and repeat cycle which meant you would have a dusting of secure looking snow covering sheet ice. Growing up in an area of New Zealand that sees snow at sea level perhaps once every 30 or 40 years, I was totally sucked into the Northern Hemisphere movies and tv show that show people falling into snow drifts and making snow angels….now after my time in Toronto I know that you would never do that for fear of cracking your head on the empty BBQ gas cylinder that someone left on the nature strip in summer that the rubbish men never collected.
But in Vancouver it doesn’t really snow like that, and if it does snow apparently it doesn’t tend to accumulate. I was really surprised that so many drivers here didn’t seem to have winter tires considering how close we are to the mountains and how many people get away to enjoy the snow for the weekend.
Today, even though it is pretty cool outside, the snow has mostly melted and the sun is shining so I am really glad I got out yesterday in the midst of it all and took some photos.
Here are a few from my wander down to Kitsilano Beach around Point Grey and back up to my place…hope you enjoy!

Sony A7 II
Canon L 24-70mm f2.8
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