I have met so many interesting people since moving to Vancouver. I think hearing about how difficult it is to meet people before we left Toronto prompted me to make sure I made a real effort when we arrived here.
I have been going to a lot more social groups which is where I happened to meet Francine.
Francine is a geriatric nurse which is an insanely intense job so I was so happy to meet up with her for a fun afternoon creating some images for her in nature. After a pretty rainy week, we managed to strike an autumn day when the weather was mild and dry-ish.
By the time we got out to Pacific Spirit – there was a beautiful mist hovering around the trees. The red dress and flower crown really popped against the forest and everything looked so lush after all the rain – luckily Francine and I are the same shoe size so I was able to lend her my gumboots 🙂
Here are some images from the afternoon….hope you enjoy!


Sony A7II
Canon 40mm f2.8
Jupiter 9 85mm f2.0
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