Studio and Natural Light Portraits – Maryia

I recently started shooting at a studio space on the downtown eastside of Vancouver, and it’s been interesting getting used to lighting a much larger space than I am used to. Oddly, I have found myself more likely to go and shoot in the natural light space instead of using studio lights. It produces some really beautiful back light images which I will be showing you in another blog post coming soon.

I was able to work with Maryia, and one of my favourite makeup artists Tara on this shoot. We went with a clean and dewy make up look and bold red lip, since most of the outfits were monochromatic (with the exception of the flowy print skirt), ย and overall read really well in both the studio and natural light set ups.

Behind the scenes in the natural light space at Remington Gallery and Studio

Maryia was super fun to work with, and has such a great bubbly energy about her, so we actually covered off a lot of outfit changes in a short amount of time.

I wanted to keep the editing quite clean and natural for this shoot, since the make up was so beautiful, but I did find a couple of the images looked amazing in black and white so I was able to have a little bit of a play with that as well (which I haven’t done in quite some time).

Shot on Sony A7II with Canon FD 1.4 50mm, edited in Capture One Pro for Sony and Photoshop CS6
Colour grading in AlienSkin Exposure

IG @tangerinca

Hair and Make Up – Tara
IG @taraarielmua

Earrrings – Standout Boutique
IG @standoutboutique

Shot at Remington Studio and Gallery – Vancouver

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