Studio Light Portraits – Aneko

Aneko caught my eye because she has such an awesome personal sense of style, so it’s actually no surprise that she has just recently graduated from Blanche MacDonald School to become a freelance stylist.
We mixed and matched some of her items with things that I have accumulated over the years (mostly the sequins!) and I also got to have a bit of a play with my lighting again by pulling out my beauty dish which had been retired for quite a while.
I seem to go through phases with both my lenses and lighting modifiers where I use them almost exclusively for months on end, then not at all.

I converted some of these images in black and white, which I don’t do so much at the moment, but I just loved the contrast and how it absolutely complemented Aneko’s bone structure.

Aneko has the most beautiful smile and I loved the bold lipstick that she chose for the last couple of looks.

Shot on Sony A7II with Canon FD 1.4 50mm, edited in Capture One Pro for Sony and Photoshop CS6

Colour grading in AlienSkin Exposure

Aneko can be found on Instagram and Facebook

Shot at Remington Studio and Gallery – Vancouver

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