2017 – What a year!

This was our first full year in Vancouver, we still haven’t acclimated to the winter weather and I am constantly amazed that I don’t really need a full winter coat or socks on a regular basis – Geoff is testing to see if he can wear shorts the entire winter season.
Although I would say I have settled into the Kitsilano lifestyle, of coffee, high messy bun and yoga pants.
I am currently working on my personal and business goals for 2018 (personal goal from 2017/18/19 of getting into full splits hasn’t worked out so well over Christmas when I threw my back out and needed a massage and pain management), and I’m super excited to see what the coming year will bring.

Here are some things you might remember looking back at 2017, and a few extras which didn’t end up on the blog (or Instagram).

Convinced Geoff to sit for me quickly so I could test my completely hacked softlighter equivalent (I gave up in December and bought an larger equivalent online).
Head shots with Holly


Holly – helping women build the careers they deserve

Geoff and I took a trip to Harrison Hot Springs to soak until we turned pruney while it snowed around us.
Went for an epic snowshoe up in Squamish which ended up being harder than I expected since I got sick a couple of days later (but totally worth it for the amazing views).


Winter mini break to Harrison Hot Springs

My birthday month and turning 38. So broke out the lights, popped on a fancy dress and was joined by one of my kitties Perrin (he can’t stand not being cuddled 24/7).
Last ditch snowshoeing trip before the snow melts, shooting marketing images for Instagram and product promotion.
I also shot a creative to celebrate the onset of spring using fresh flowers as a backdrop – definitely a favourite of mine and it smelt amazing!


Birthday Portraits 2017
Spring Snowshoeing Dog Mountain
Studio Light Portraits – Khamisa

Natsumi braved the cold and wind down on Point Grey Beach, where we had hot tea and pocket warmers down her leggings.
Tara joined me for a shoot where I played with a mixture of ambient natural light and studio strobes.
Networking with other female small business owners at The Ladies Meeting at the historic Sylvia Hotel in English Bay.


Outdoor Portrait Session – Natsumi
Studio and Natural light Portraits – Tara

Networking and goal setting with other creatives at Tuesdays Together – Vancouver (the Vancouver chapter of the Rising Tide Society).
Geoff and I took at trip to Whistler for a friend’s 40th birthday party (we all were on a TopDeck bus tour around Europe, which is how Geoff and I met).
Networking with The Ladies Meeting women.
I got to meet (and later arrange the adoption) of VOKRA kitty Tiggy  – shy and demure little lady in her twilight years.


Networking at gorgeous patissiere shop Soiree down in Coal Harbour with the ladies of Women’s Leadership Collective.
Met dapper gent Percy from VOKRA – who is so incredibly smart that he can high five, beg and use puzzles to get his treats.
Updated my gift cards and created some marketing images for them.
Fabulous shoot with Debbie where we updated some headshots and took some images of her and her husband.


Recreating a wedding portrait years later

Summer was so gorgeous this year – and I was super busy.
VOKRA had a stall at Khatsalano! festival (where thankfully I remembered to apply sunscreen unlike the year before), and then also a volunteer appreciation BBQ.
I also got to photograph a cute tuxie VOKRA litter – Sophia, Blanche and Magnus.
Aneko, Mckayla and Maryia all joined me in the studio.
I started my trip home to New Zealand for the first time in 5 years to surprise my family – first stop Wellington.


Studio and Natural Light Portraits – Maryia
Studio Light Portraits – Aneko
Studio and Natural Light Portraits – Mckayla

Finished up my quick trip home to New Zealand in my hometown Whanganui, where I took some portraits of my parents and doggo Rudy (a very elderly black lab).
Joined the Women’s Leadership Collective for a workshop with One Thing Lockets
Photographed the enormously sassy Momo who went to her forever home a few months later.
Created more marketing images for my products with my new reveal box.


A trip home to New Zealand

I went for a wander during one of the super smoky days (from the bushfires up north and in the BC interior) and took some photos down at Kits Beach.
Personal branding images with coach extraordinaire Dagmar at the Kits Wings.
Vanity Fair style portraits with Amelia and updated actress portfolio for actress Annabel (blog post coming soon).


Rocking the red dress

I met my favourite VOKRA kitten ever – Little Peach (seriously I did all I could to convince Geoff that we should add to our kitty family).
Updated marketing images for gift cards to reflect the change in season (copper spray painted mini pumpkins!!)
Semi annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to cottage – this time over on Sechelt where we enjoyed beautiful weather, great food and lots of alcohol.
Fellow Kiwi Emma joined me in the studio where I tried out a new backdrop using a weird discount fabric from Dressew that actually looked pretty great (blog post coming soon).


Reviving a Thanksgiving tradition in Sechelt

Mother and daughter shoot with Sharon and Sivarn (blog post coming soon).
Updated marketing images for my gift cards for the Christmas season – love the smell of evergreens! My artificial tree went up during the first snowfall in mid November (yes I am that person!)
Joined Women in Male Dominated Industries for the evening talk series about crushing performance reviews.
Photographed Dagmar at a workshop she developed for parents to develop emotional intelligence in their kids.
Took a trip out to Lynn Valley Canyon to photograph Get Fired Up! retreat with an awesome group of women.


Get Fired Up! in Lynn Valley Canyon

Started printing my own work after a November purchase of a Canon Prograf Pro1000 printer – there is something so special about seeing these prints come off the printer in front of you that means you really feel the value of them.
Portrait shoot with the beautiful Natalia who absolutely rocked her session (blog post coming soon).
Last networking event of the year with Women in Male Dominated Industries, talking about corporate leadership.


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