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This is why I chose portrait photography as a point of focus in my business.

I am a member of quite a few networking groups geared towards women, or women in creative fields around Vancouver. At these groups, you are often asked to pitch about your business, and express your “why”.

Flat lay of vintage telephone, camera and stationary design

I am not always the most social butterfly, or like being vulnerable in front of people I don’t know well. Which is why some group members have mentioned that it’s interesting to see me talk about my business so passionately.

During one of these meetings, it was suggested I sit down and talk about my business so that you all can see this is why I chose to focus on portrait photography for women in particular.

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The thumbnail that Youtube chose for the video is incredibly and hilariously bad. Luckily I can now cover it with a more lovely image.
I am pretty self deprecating at the best of times and it was probably quite an accurate reflection of how I speak in real life, so I was happy to go with it.

The video also features my fur-children, which if you ever meet me in person you will know kitties mean a lot to me.
Sadly one of the kitties featured is no longer with us, but I love that he is in this and his legacy can live on. 

You can also read in this blog post more about why I encourage my clients to record stories with their images.

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