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Vancouver, bc

Fashion Designer

Kate is a graduate from Fashion & Design School at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand.
She a worldwide traveller with Kiwi and Trinidadian roots. 

Her aim is to create clothes with clean lines that will remain timeless.  And that can be easily integrated with existing pieces. 
They are crafted in a way that maximises fabric usage, and reduces wastage for sustainability.

Vancouver sustainable fashion designer Kate Pierre from Kate and Frances laughs during a branding session with Photography by Angela McConnnell

You can find Kate at the icons below

Head shots & Lifestyle images

After speaking with Kate during the consultation process, she indicated that she wanted images that could be used on her website. And she wanted to be able to pair them with blog posts she would be writing.

Screenshot of Kate and Frances website using images created by Photography by Angela McConnell during a branding session
Screenshot of Kate and Frances website using images created by Photography by Angela McConnell during a branding session

She indicated that she wanted to incorporate some urban environmental portraits that were not necessarily indicative of Vancouver. 

Kate was also keen on black and white images for her studio session. She wanted something that was a little more raw, and showed her true self to her blog audience.  For this session, we kept it simple showcasing some of Kate’s own designs.

For her second session, I scouted some great locations around Mt Pleasant that incorporated murals and gritty urban backdrops. These images were more lifestyle orientated, utilising negative space. It also fit the urban environment without being recognisably Vancouver. This was important to Kate, as she has lived in many cities, she wanted images that wouldn’t be tied to one particular city. 

How this might work for your business;

Think about the areas of your business that currently are not being highlighted in the way you would like. 

Do you have new, or updated products and services coming to market in the next 6 to 12 months that need promotion.

How might updated images give a more well rounded view of your business that a single head shot does not.

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