A difficult Transition

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In my last post (quite some time ago now), I mentioned that my husband and I were on the brink of a move overseas. In late October we got the news that he had been offered a job in Toronto, Canada.

We were expecting to arrive in Canada just before Christmas, but unfortunately this has not happened. We have encountered some large hurdles on our journey from Melbourne to Canada, and find ourselves relying on the hospitality of friends.

Personally, I have found the whole process really really difficult. For a person that relies on structure and control (particularly the control part), this has been a huge test which I can’t say I have passed. As we now enter our 17th week of waiting to hear whether we can enter Canada, I feel on the brink of emotional collapse and complete withdrawal from anything that requires communicating with people other than my husband and housemates.

As it stands at the moment, we have with us in Melbourne 4 suitcases of clothes, my cameras and just us. Our cats (who are our fur children), have been in Vancouver since the beginning of December and our entire household contents arrived in Toronto today. It’s a very strange circumstance to be completely removed from your life and everything you hold dear and familiar.
As of this morning we still do not have any firm information other than our case has been assigned, but the end is not quite in sight…

It kills me to sit here waiting, wasting time and not being able to shoot when my head is full of ideas. But maybe this forced hiatus will actually help me in long run, to help me focus my goals, concepts and start fresh.

I have been lucky that there have been some very supportive friends here for me, who have understood my need to have a massive bitch session about how crap I feel, and allow me to feel sad about it.
You all know who you are and I thank you for you infinite patience with me xxx

It will pass and I WILL feel excited by this move, but it’s just not right now.


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