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Geoff Lester | Photography by Angela McConnell

A quick update about Geoff's journey with an ileostomy after a battle with Ulcerative Colitis.

I have been super quiet on  my blog lately…life has really just got in the way and I have been struggling to balance all areas of my life.

Geoff opted to go ahead with reconstructive surgery after his emergency sub total colectomy last year which resulted in a temporary ileostomy. The reconstruction essentially creates a faux bowel via a pouch made from a length of the small bowel.

It’s called a j-pouch because the loop attaches to itself in a j shape.

So this surgery is a two step process, the initial surgery to create the j-pouch, a recovery period of around 6-8 weeks and then is followed by what is called a take-down. The take-down reconnects all the internal systems and the ileostomy is reversed.

Ideally we would be on track for the take-down to be happening around about now.
Except Geoff has encountered a number of complications which has pushed back the surgery for some time.
The initial surgery went amazingly well. He seemed to be incredibly bright and well for the first week after being discharged. But things started to go a bit haywire.
The incision wound developed abscesses, the incision had to be reopened and packed.

Then just prior to Christmas he got very unwell, and it turns out he had developed an internal abscess. And then more abscesses just 2 weeks later.

We have been on a rollercoaster of a couple of great days and then a week or two of being very unwell.
BUT we seem to be on the upward swing now! See how good he looks

Geoff Lester | Photography by Angela McConnell

I took a month off shooting during December knowing that things would be crazy for the both of us, and then with the holiday season coming up and business slowing down in general. 

I didn’t anticipate that we would still be battling with Geoff’s recovery in January though so my schedule has been insane.

So I haven’t been able to post much but hoping to be back into more regular programming again now and excited to share new images and stories with you all!

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Mina · February 4, 2015 at 05:28

I’m so sorry to hear that Geoff has been so ill. I’m glad things seem to be looking upward for him, and he looks great in that picture! Much love to you both. <3

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