Birthday self portrait Photography 2019

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Black and white 40th birthday self portrait photography with a woman posing with a ladder and looking at the camera by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell

Birthday self portrait photography

for 2019. age 40

Time for the 2019 version of my birthday self portraits. And this year is a milestone, my 40th birthday.

I was speaking to a friend on my birthday and was telling her that this is one of the first birthday’s I have celebrated that I felt really excited and connected to myself.
I do wonder if part of it was due to setting myself the ambitious goal of being able to sit in splits for my 40th birthday.

40th birthday splits

And I did it as you see from my smug FB post below. Having said that, I did have a small accident at a Christmas house party. Drunk Ange thinks that alcohol is equivalent to stretching.

It isn’t.

I’m still healing from tearing part of my hamstring. But the good news is that I did manage to sit on a yoga block in splits on that side just this week, so definitely progress in the healing department.
And here are a couple of more from a portrait session with Alex Mazzarello 
Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell
Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

New ink - Tui and pansy.

These are two of my latest tattoo’s by Vancouver artist Nicki Lochmatter.

Both became tribute tattoos in a way.
The Tui is a native New Zealand bird, and my Nana was called Tui.

The pansy is now my third on me and is also in tribute to my Nana.

My first attempt in Dunedin during Orientation week. I was never a student at Otago. Instead I decided to plan a visit to a friend that studied there that coincided with O week.
The tattoo that was “meant” to be a pansy as a tribute for my Nana actually turned out as a daisy with a tribal lightening bolt running through it since the tattoo artist didn’t know how to do a pansy. Research your artist friends, don’t just show up a some random tattoo studio.

I then got that tattoo covered up in Melbourne. Which ended up being around 4 hours of work and a hip to thigh piece. Four hours is definitely my limit before I tap out when being tattooed.

So this version is more along the lines of where I would have liked the first two versions to have been.

Lighting for studio portraits

I had wanted to have a play with overhead and fill lighting for these images. So these birthday self portraits had a more dark and moody feel. It was a return to how a lot of my previous self portrait photography had looked. 

I’d already used overhead lighting taking some updated head shots for my husband Geoff. But I realised that it would need more fill in front for most clients (including me).
Full credit should go to Felix Kunze for his epic lighting course which definitely helped me get it to this point.

Working the hair

It was also quite fun having the fan in there for these studio portraits. I have a LOT of hair, and my mane is out of control a lot of the time, but I really love the movement it created. Hopefully by 2020, I’ll also be back to 2016 length hair! A couple of these will be going in my next print run, along with some of Geoff’s updated portraits to go in our little wall of photos.

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