When you should consider using branding photography packages for your small business

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Environmental business portrait of a small business owner working in their home office by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell

when you should consider using

branding photography packages

for your small business

It can be tempting to stick with stock photography as a small business owner. But here are a few reasons why and when you should consider using branding photography packages that are tailored to your small business.

When you start a new small business, there are so many things you need to prioritise and organise. Alongside this, you also need to wear all the hats in your business; website designer, social influencer, bookkeeper, accountant and content creator. 

When you are required to take on all these roles, it can be tempting to rely on templates or apps to help design content that are populated with stock images.

You've been using stock photography images and so are other small business owners in your industry

One of the main problems with using stock photography or template images, is that people in your industry are also doing the same thing. 
And so you will often see the same images being used over and over again by small business owners.
That’s not to say that stock photography images does not and should not have a place in your small business toolkit. 

When you are starting out and do not necessarily have a photography budget, then stock images can be very useful. 
Try not to use the images that come as part of template design. Instead, look for images that resonate with you personally or your brand on stock photography sites. That will speak to your target clients, and that also tie into your brand colours. This could be through pops of brand colours or complementary colours.

You've come to a point where you've refined and clarified your brand message

You’ve been working hard on your brand, your key messaging has been refined. And you have a much better idea of how what sort of images would work best for your business.
At this point, the copy and images you’ve been using online may no longer reflect your brand message. 
This is where images crafted to suit your small business may be more appropriate.

It’s a great opportunity to show you actively working in your business. Images that will show the essence of who you are and what it is you offer to your clients.
Also consider tying in key elements from your brand. This could be represented by specific colours, items, objects or themes. 
These sort of personal brand images will help set you apart from your peers.

Your small business has evolved or is in a growth phase.

You may have pivoted, created a new product, revenue stream or service offering.
This may be an ideal time to to create images that will both appeal to your existing clients, and also attract a new client base. 
Alternatively, there might be a service you already provide that you would like to promote further. 

Branding photography packages can be used to create images tailored to individual services or revenue streams. These images are not only limited for use on your website, but can also be used for social media content, email newsletters, guest appearances on podcasts, blogs and webinars. 

Check out how some of my previous small business owner clients have used branding images in their own industries

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