Business portraits for a quick profile update. Or comprehensive branding for your small business

Together we can design and create business portraits or branding photography that convey your essence & connect authentically with your market

Are your current images representing your career or small business brand?

Do they convey your essence and authenticity to your peers or clients?

Your career path, or small business offerings evolve over time. And the images you are using online now may no longer be the best fit for you.

We will have a chat to discuss what your needs are now, and also what kind of imagery might serve you best in the next 12 months.

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

What do your current photographs say about your career aspirations or your small business?

Are your business portraits or small business branding images representing you the way you envisaged online?
Has your brand message or career aspirations evolved over time, and no longer fit with the images you use?
Is it time for a fresh start with a new career path?
Do you need to pivot your small business?
Need to refresh your business branding images so they stand out from stock images or templates?

Designing your session

During the consultation process, we will discuss what sort of images you require;
Is it one or two images to update your professional photos for LinkedIn or corporate profile?
Do you have multiple revenue streams and need a more rounded profile of your small business?
Are you bringing new services or products to market in the coming year which you need to highlight?

Whatever your needs, the consultation process will give you an opportunity to communicate your ideas. So that we can work together on images that you are excited to use.

How I can help

My clients hire me to deliver business portraits that are authentic, approachable and contemporary. And to create business branding images that will show a more well rounded view of their small business.

Professional images send a powerful message to prospective clients or recruiters by capturing the essence of who you are.

Hate having your photos taken?

Here's what happened when I recently updated my own business portraits

I don't want to do this...
I get it, being in front of a camera is not always the most fun experience. My latest session I threw a mini tantrum half way through because I thought all the images looked like trash.
I've got this weird thing...
I have an annoying gimpy lazy eye that half closes when exposed to flash. It looks like I’m half winking on one side only. My smile is crooked, and I have chronic resting bitch face. Trust that I will do my utmost to put you at ease so you can relax and have great time.
Before and after examples of studio self portraits by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell
What do I even wear...
For one set of images I hadn’t styled my outfits choices well. Basically I looked like a lumpy rectangle. In a similar pose, a fitted top worked so much better and gave my body shape. When updating your images, think about what looks great together. Don’t be afraid of more form fitting items, often these will help to slim you down in camera (along with kick arse posing!)⁠
Well that wasn't as bad as I thought...
I want to show you that even if it feels like an effort to put yourself in front of the camera, that I’VE GOT YOU! It might feel super awkward, but trust me that together we will create images that you will want to post on your LinkedIn, website or social channels. ⁠

I'm excited to work with you  to create images you are proud to have represent your brand. And that you can't wait to use to market yourself.

Small business owners! Want to show more of YOU in your marketing images?

Using images of yourself working in your small business is an effective way to connect authentically with your audience.

Capturing the essence of your message

Like these Coaches

Many clients are now opting for a full branding sessions. Creating business branding images that are really versatile and can be used across multiple platforms for marketing. 

Don’t be limited to using just one image and instead show a more rounded small business profile.

Images & Brand message aligned

It can be confusing going through the process of updating your website with fresh images. But it is important to consider that images of you and your business, rather than stock photography, can help your ideal clients feel more connected to you and your purpose. 
Business branding images that will communicate the essence of what makes you passionate about your small business. And that resonate with prospective clients so that you attract those that are most aligned with your values.

Build your brand

Like these artisans

Flexible hourly packages that give you the freedom to choose how you would like to use your photography budget.

Flexible packages

Customised packages that will give a holistic view of your small business and highlight different service or product offerings. These Build your Brand packages are offered over either 6 or 12 months, so that you can update business branding images where and when you need them most. 

How do you want to use images in marketing your small business?

Like this Personal Trainer

What Clients Say

About their experience updating their business portraits or small business branding images

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

It is the second time I reach Angela, back in 2017 I had a specific professional goal around landing into a new country and building my network, the outcome was an absolute success. Time passes and now as a grounded Newcomer and business owner, it was time to do branding and who would be better than Angela.

She saw me and got involved with what I wanted to communicate. More importantly, I did not have to do anything than showing up! The locations she found matched perfectly with the essence of my business, her insights while planing not only brought understanding but also her accurate eye supported me to put in alignment my business and the personal moment I am at.

Angela knows the challenges that an entrepreneur or small business owner faces within the new normal , which is invaluable when you are creating or expanding.


Threees Transformational Coaching

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell
I selected Angela among a sea of local photographers in Vancouver to help me create a portfolio for my business. She was always accommodating, cheerful, and so attentive to every detail in every pose. During every photo session I felt relaxed because I could completely trust that Angela knew what she was doing and could make every image look flattering. The images were amazing and her edits were professional. She really has an eye for detail and connecting with exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Angela for your gift!

Mastery Insights

Natural light business portrait of leadership skills coach Christina smiling at the camera by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
My recent branding photoshoot with Angela was phenomenal. Angela’s warm authenticity made me feel comfortable, and she went the extra mile with little extra touches, on the day of the shoot. And the photos were fantastic – I never knew I could look so good. As someone with very high standards, I would recommend Angela to anyone, in a heartbeat!

Liberate Leadership

Ready for more information?

I’d love to chat further about how this might work for your career or small business, so either click the button to book a consultation. Or fill out the form below with the event details and I’ll be in touch.

Black and white portrait of a mature model with long silver hair during contemporary portraits for women session by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell
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Women smile during an exercise at a courage and bravery workshop by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell
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