Next Business Portrait mini session day is 11th February 2022

Business portrait

Mini Session



  • 1 hour in studio
  • 2 high resolution images
  • multiple wardrobe changes
  • direction and posing




Time slots remain for this business portrait mini date!
"The photoshoot session was quick and fun! Angela knew how to pick subjects that made me laugh hard! The results were beautiful and authentic smiles. Loved that I could manage book appointments and pay online."
“Angela was amazing to work with through the whole journey. Her awesome organisation and attention to detail really helped me feel more confident before even arriving at the studio as I know we’d put a lot of thought into outfits."
Business portrait of a women in blue in a studio smiling at the camera on a light background by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Your best business portrait

This is the most frequently used shot in your image marketing toolkit. Use this image on your social media profile pictures, email signature, business card or anywhere else where you need to make a great first impression.

A man in a blue suit sits with his hands clasped and smiles at the camera by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Vancouver studio portraits

Are distraction free, with a focus on faces. This helps the viewer connect directly with you. The right image is clean and uncluttered, grabs the viewer and features winning connection.

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Not so corporate headshots

Your portfolio of marketing images would not be complete without showcasing the full range of who you are. Through directed prompts and poses, we'll explore expressions that range from thoughtful to fun.

Business portrait mini session or Branding session

Which is the best fit for your needs right now?

Business Portraits mini

Great for small businesss owners just starting out. If you're planning a career change or want a mixture of both professional and casual looks in a studio setting. This is especially helpful if you work in an industry with a mix of corporate and casual clientele. More traditional headshot composition and framing.

Branding session

You’re looking for a more well rounded overview of your business. You want images across multiple platforms that highlight specific services or special promotions. You need a mixture of business portraits and images of you working in your business. Lifestyle composition and framing, relaxed posing.

Hate having your photos taken too?

Here's what happened when I updated my own business portraits

I don't want to do this...
I get it, being in front of a camera is not always the most fun experience. My latest session I threw a mini tantrum half way through because I thought all the images looked like trash.
I've got this weird thing...
I have an annoying gimpy lazy eye that half closes when exposed to flash. It looks like I’m half winking on one side only. My smile is crooked, and I have chronic resting bitch face. Trust that I will do my utmost to put you at ease so you can relax and have great time.
Before and after examples of studio self portraits by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell
What do I even wear...
For one set of images I hadn’t styled my outfits choices well. Basically I looked like a lumpy rectangle. In a similar pose, a fitted top worked so much better and gave my body shape. When updating your images, think about what looks great together. Don’t be afraid of more form fitting items, often these will help to slim you down in camera (along with kick arse posing!)⁠
Well that wasn't as bad as I thought...
I want to show you that even if it feels like an effort to put yourself in front of the camera, that I’VE GOT YOU! It might feel super awkward, but trust me that together we will create images that you will want to post on your LinkedIn, website or social channels. ⁠