Camping in Golden Ears – Pt 1

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Image of a couple overlooking a waterfall at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Our first camping trip in British Columbia, to Golden Ears Provincial Park.

So in a very spur of the moment decision, our friends Steve and Cari convinced us to go camping last weekend.
We had no idea where we were going, just that we needed to rent a tent and a car.

Landscape image of a river with cloud covered mountain range in the background at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Me and Geoff are not really campers as such, although Geoff has many, many stories to tell about Radford Year 9 camp to the Blue Mountains in Australia.

I only camped out in a tent a couple of times, once in Intermediate School which was at a lake about 15 minutes out of Whanganui, and where we were disciplined for talking too much overnight.

Image of stones in a riverbed at Golden Ears Provincial Park

And again, at the turn of the millennium at a campground in Taupo where I pretty much gave up and slept in the car for a few hours after stumbling home from the pub.

Luckily Steve and Cari are hardcore, back-country campers so they had pretty everything anyone would ever need to camp, and really this was camping-lite.

Strangely though, we both own quite decent sleeping bags. Probably a hang up from our backpacker days around Europe, in which we stayed in cabins or hostels the entire time.

We drove up on Saturday morning, after getting our coffee and donut fix.
Of course we had forgotten stuff and  ended having to borrow some pillows from Cari.

Image of a man and woman sitting looking over a river while camping at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Other awesome highlights;

Thanks to the GPS we also managed to take a brief detour to a Canadian Tire carpark.

 I confused a bunch of horses for cows and everyone had a good laugh 

Confusing left and right constantly, which is annoying because I still think about southern hemisphere driving.

After lunch we took a walk to the waterfall, with a spot of fishing on the way. It was a really lovely day, nice and warm, but not too hot and the scenery was spectacular as per usual in BC.

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