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Creating your Legacy


I feel a strong connection to history, genealogy and stories. So I want to help record beautiful images of you now, whether it’s a special treat, a gift from a loved one, or if you are in a period of transition in your life that deserves recording.
I have always loved flicking through old photo albums, looking at the visual history of my own family and talking about the stories behind the images. 
So, my focus is on offering physical prints, as a tangible representation of this moment in time for you.

Record a story that was significant to your session, whether it is about the stage of life you are at, or something that you wore in your session that has a special meaning.
It is so important that these stories are passed down with the images.
Future generations will be able to read in your own words, what had such meaning to you at the time these images were created.

Black and white portrait of a young woman in a large tulle skirt leaning against a wooden ladder by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell

We are slowly losing this important part of our history in this digital age, where we are encouraged to share every facet of our lives online. I want you to have something tangible – something that will provoke discussion about your life and stories that will creating a legacy for future generations.

Flat lay of vintage telephone, camera and stationary design

I'm an advocate for print products

Create a tangible legacy of all your favourite memories.
Print all your favourite images, they don’t need to be from a special occasion or a photoshoot session. Often they are everyday moments that you will want to treasure for a lifetime.

I loved having my photos taken by Angela! She is so warm and welcoming, and immediately set me at ease. I don't have many photos of me because I'm usually taking photos of my family. The photos that do exist, are not flattering at all. Angela made me feel beautiful and even sexy, and gave me the gift of seeing myself as that again. I would highly recommend this to any woman... especially moms who often don't get to feel that way.
Natural light portrait of a woman in a brightly coloured top smiling at the camera by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell
Portfolio Curator for Professional Photographers
Thank you for making feel like Queen for a Day with professional makeup and pampering.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Angela behind the camera.  Great reminder that everyone is beautiful.  The images are beautifully choreographed to look natural and me at my best.  What a great gift to build any ladies self esteem.


There is nothing better for me than looking through images from a photoshoot session and seeing you open up and suddenly shine, showing me your true uninhibited self. The beauty that everyone else sees when they know and love you.

Natural light portrait portrait of an aussie actress wearing a structural pink crop jacket and large black tulle skirt with combat boots looking directly at the camera by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell
Outdoor portrait in natural light of a woman on a rocky shoreline looking away from the camera as the wind blows her curls across her face by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell


I will work with you in your portrait session to make you feel as comfortable as possible, when it can be quite confronting. It may challenging when I am asking you to be vulnerable and open up to me. 

Creating beautiful images is a team effort, and I will hold a safe space for you so that your photographs will be cherished.


Women in particular tend to take a step back behind the camera after all the milestone events, (18th and 21st birthdays, engagements, weddings, pregnancies) and become invisible.
They document the world around them, but are not being recorded in it. 
It’s time for all women to exist in photos for their families.
To tell the stories that matter most to you.

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