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Contemporary portraits for women and womxn with a focus on printed products

Magazine style

Contemporary Portrait Session

Black and white portrait of a mature model with long silver hair during contemporary portraits for women session by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell

Capturing you, as you are now

Whether it’s a special treat just for you, a gift from a loved one. Or if you are in a period of transition in your life that deserves to be captured.

No matter what your contemporary portrait session looks like, or who you choose to share it with, creating beautiful images is a team effort. And I will hold a safe space for you so that your photographs will be cherished.

Be pampered

This time is for you

A make up artist prepare a client for make up application during a contemporary portrait session for women and womxn by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell
A make up artist prepare a client for make up application during a contemporary portrait session for women and womxn by Vancouver photographer Angela McConnell

Your contemporary portrait session includes

I'm an advocate

For printed products

Print products are supplied as either Folio Collections or wall art, and are purchased separately at a reveal appointment after your portrait session.

I encourage you to print all your favourite images, they don’t need to be from a special occasion or a portrait session.
Often they are everyday moments that you will want to treasure for a lifetime.
Create a tangible legacy of all your favourite memories.

Record the story that conveys why a portrait session was important for you at this time.

So that it can be kept with your images, and handed down for years to come.

Is it about the stage of life you are at?

Something that you wore in your session that has a special meaning?

It’s important that your stories are passed down along with the images. Future generations will be able to read in your own words, what had such meaning to you at the time these images were created.

We are slowly losing this important part of our history in the digital age, where we are encouraged to share every facet of our lives online.

I want you to have something tangible.

Something that will provoke discussion about your life and stories. Something that will create your legacy for future generations.

My experience of legacy is from the perspective of a child and grandchild. And I wish I had more connection to the stories that were important to my Nana. It is only now that I can truly appreciate the challenges she faced in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Having her story documented alongside the photographs that were passed down through the family, would be a treasure.
An opportunity to feel connected to her voice again.

How have you always wanted to be photographed

During your consultation session we will work together to come up a session that reflects you. Whether it’s a full magazine style studio session, environmental portraits in a natural setting or raw portraits in black and white. Together we will design a session that suit you best.

See yourself the way your loved ones see you

There is nothing better for me than looking through images from a contemporary portrait session and seeing you open up and suddenly shine.
Showing me your true uninhibited self.

The beauty that everyone else sees when they know and love you.

No more excuses - create your legacy portraits now

We work together in your contemporary portrait session to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
It’s normal for it to feel quite confronting. It may challenging when I am asking you to be vulnerable and open up to me.
Creating beautiful images is a team effort, and I will hold a safe space for you so that your photographs will be cherished.
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Why I chose portrait photography

Women and womxn tend to take a step back behind the camera after all the milestone events; 18th and 21st birthdays, engagements, weddings, pregnancies.
And then become invisible.
They document the world around them, but are not being recorded in it.
It’s time for all women and womxn to create your legacy and exist in photos for your family.
To tell the stories that matter most to you.

What Clients Say

About their experience during a contemporary portrait session

Mother and daughters smile at the camera for a milestone birthday portrait session by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell
For Mom’s 70th, it was really important for us to capture the family love and do it in a way that felt natural. Angela #nailedit The shoot was so relaxed and we could just interact and chat while you captured some amazing shots of us reminiscing or retelling our most cherished memories.

These are family keepsake photos of a shared experience where we celebrated Mum and showed her how much we appreciate her as daughters. Thank you for empowering us to do it in such a loving and comfortable way, where we shared stories and reconnected.

The photos encapsulate that magical feeling. What a special gift.

Angela creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere and interacts to make the special moments feel more natural. She is extremely talented. However, in a city full of talent photographers, Angela sets herself apart by also being an incredible human who creates warmth and connection.
Elizabeth, Sacha & Tiffany

Contemporary Portrait Session

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell
I have been through a lot of changes since my first shoot with Angela, and she was the only person I wanted to capture them in a shoot. When I first shot with her I had been on HRT for about 6 months and was just becoming comfortable with my body. We created some really beautiful images. A year later and I’ve had a few more “upgrades” that I wanted to give the full McConnell.

I have had a breast augmentation, laser hair removal, a few minor facial tweaks and the rest is all thanks to hormone therapy.

I’m a lot more confident in my body, and I think that really shows in the images Angela and her team created. I feel feminine, l feel happy, I feel powerful and I feel whole

Contemporary Portrait Session

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