Food Truck Festival Ontario 2015

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Toronto Photographer | Food Photography | Toronto Food Festival

We fill our tummies checking out the Food Truck Festival Ontario held at Downsview Park.

Geoff and I love food, our lives pretty much revolve around food and coffee. But we are creatures of habit and get stuck always going to the same places over and over once we find something we like.
We were exactly the same way when we lived in Melbourne.

We also love Food Trucks. Sadly, poor old Toronto food trucks haven’t had too much luck with local legislation over the last few years, so when there is a gathering of food trucks we are all over them.

We did the Toronto Street Food Block Party back in 2012 out at Evergreen Brickworks when they joined forces with about 10 trucks…which was pretty awesome and set the bar high for us both. But the venue was possibly a smidge too small to accomodate stalls and trucks and things got a bit squishy.

Then in 2013 we did the rained out AwesTRUCK at Fort York…not going to lie, this was pretty amazing since the rain had deterred pretty much everyone except total die hard fans so lines were almost non existant.

Toronto Photographer | Food Photography | Toronto Food Festival

This year I bought us early admission tickets to Food Truck Festival Ontario (#FTFO) which was held out at Downsview Park. This was definitely a great venue, with plenty of room for trucks, potential lines, BYO seats and picnic areas.

I was also super excited because this was my first opportunity to try out my new camera and lens combo. I have just recently purchased a Sony A7 II camera which has the added functionality of being able to use manual focus vintage lenses via adaptors.
I had just received a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 and was dying to try it out. I must also preface the images to say that I am a demon for depth of field, and so all of these images were shot at very shallow apertures – f1.4 to f2.8

Toronto Photographer | Food Photography | Toronto Food Festival

Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese from Meltdown Cheesery – really we should have got the sample size as this way too big too soon in the day. I was feeling full and we were only 30 minutes in.

Toronto Photographer | Food Photography | Toronto Food Festival

Bacon wrapped Grilled Chese and Bacon from Bacon Nation – this was way too much for me to handle. I could only manage a couple of bites but the lattice of the bacon was cute.
Could resist taking a photo of the flaming charcoal grill.

Chilli lime Crabcakes from T’dot’s Naansense and Rice Balls from Menu. My favourite was the FTFO special rice ball with Duck…definitely my winner of the day.

Toronto Photographer | Food Photography | Toronto Food Festival

Since we couldn’t fit in too much more we settle on a build your own ice cream sandwhich from Sweet Spot Ice Cream. We always end up getting the same things so it was a Salt Choc Chip cookie, with salted caramel ice cream. Geoff wanted Skor toffee pieces on his and I went for the caramel sauce.

Worst part was the resulting food coma! Luckily I had done all my housework the day before so I could blob out in front of the computer with the photos until my legs could work again.

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