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A man and a woman walk together during a coach and walk session by leadership coach David Lundberg from Small Pause Coaching by Vancouver business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

leadership & mens coaching

david from small pause coaching

David Lundberg is a leadership and life coach who has transitioned from a corporate role to his own business, Small Pause Coaching.

We worked together to create some branding images that would complement the different areas of his business; one on one coaching, leadership coaching of executive teams and the addition of new services in the coming year.
He wanted to be approachable and down to earth in his images, while still retaining a professional edge for his corporate clients.

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Finding a coach is a very personal process. If it is for excelling in your leadership role or achieving success in other areas of life. Recognizing this I offer 30 minute “fit” conversation at no cost with no obligation! Schedule yours today to see the value my coaching can provide to you.

Making the transition to small business owner

I asked David to share a little about his journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship.

For 28 years I worked in local government in several organizations until navigating my career to a senior leadership role at the City of Vancouver. In 1996 I was introduced to some leadership concepts while attending courses resulting in achieving a Management Certificate in Leadership from the Justice Institute of BC.

Supporting others to acheive

It was in those moments I was introduced to the power of choice and direction which sparked a fire in me to become an effective leader. Along the way I was inspired by all the people that worked with me to share my experiences and knowledge as they shared theirs. This created a natural progression over time to staring Small Pause Coaching & Consulting

Under that business name I provide business consulting primarily focused at local government with a passion for coaching people to navigate the changes they would like to see in their life. Trained in Ontological Coaching at the Newfield Network in 2016 my purpose is to support people to achieve the best version of themselves by evoking passion.

A desire to serve and connect

My desire to serve those around me and connect really is what guided me to starting Small Pause Coaching & Consulting. The story lies more in the name. As a leader I was in a great many conversations with existing and upcoming leaders that were experiencing burn out, stress and a feeling of disconnection from purpose.

In those conversations I recognized a theme, which was the inability to stop from reacting. The organizations I was working in were creating reactionary leaders that were wired.
Small Pause is born

In those conversations the concept of the Small Pause began to emerge. By request I was asking people to take a moment and think before that next reaction to the idea, comment or email that was in front of them.

We began to talk about practices and ideas that would help them remember the ‘pause’. This idea radiates through my coaching approach as we explore the reasons someone may be getting the results they area getting.
I always tell them that coaching is a 200% effort; you bring 100% and I will bring 100% and the rest just happens.
Staying inspired in small business

My clients come from all areas of life and professional backgrounds, the one thing they all have in common is a genuine desire to excel. Exploring life to its fullest with passion and energy has always been a theme that I have observed in my clients.

Being attached to my personal vision is what keeps me inspired. I was very fortunate to learn the value of relationship in my senior leadership roles. The mantra of connect and serve rings true and keeps me forging ahead, even during those tougher days that we all experience.
How a Build your Brand package might work for your business

How might updated images give a more well rounded view of your business that a single head shot does not.

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