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Studio business portrait of commercial photography portfolio curation specialist Monashee Alonso in a gold jumper smiling at the camera by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Commericial photography portfolio curation specialist

Monashee Alonso

Monashee, a talented photographer in her own right, joins me in the studio for a portrait session. Her focus is on helping creative commercial photographers curate and refine their photography portfolio.

I first met Monashee in 2016 when she was facilitating the Rising Tide Tuesdays’ Together Vancouver group.
She has always been really supportive in my photography journey, and has provided great perspective in many ways.
Here’s Monashee’s business story.

Commercial photography portfolio curation specialist

My name is Monashee. I curate portfolios for creative commercial photographers and help them market their work to get it seen by their ideal clients. I’m also a mom to twin 6 year olds… so life is full.

I work with creative commercial photographers. Having been in the industry for so long, I’ve seen photographers struggle with how best to present their work, and how they fit into the industry at large. It’s always so difficult to see yourself when you are “in it.” 

I offer my photography portfolio curation services on an ongoing basis. I will be working with a very exclusive group of female photographers to really market and get their work in front of their ideal clients in a very hands on way… much like a rep would.

I also saw a need for education on how this industry works and how best to access it. I get great satisfaction out of helping photographers navigate this process and seeing their successes along the way.

Promoting women photographers

I am also particularly interested in working with women, as the industry still has a tendency to be an “old boys club” and I’m determined to get some talented women in the spotlight.

I have been in the commercial photography world for over 20 years in some capacity or other. I have been doing portfolios, marketing and business for photographers on and off for the past 13 years.

One to one service

I found myself contemplating creating a course or disseminating what I do somehow by taking the “service” aspect out of the picture.
I quickly realized that the thing that I love most about this is digging deep with my clients and approaching each project in a unique way.

You can’t automate that, and you kind of can’t teach it either because it’s about seeing what a photographer can’t see in their own work, and no amount of training can change that.

I have a trained eye and an extensive understanding of this industry, and that’s also something you can’t transfer through online teaching. It pretty much requires that I am intimately involved…. I love that I discovered this.

Helping to tell stories

I am so inspired by what I do.
I love that every time a photographer comes to me I get to approach them and their work in an entirely new way.

There is no formula to what I do. It is very tailored to each photographers unique work, experience and personality and it’s my job to discover it along the way.
I love having close relationships with my clients and seeing them walk away feeling like I understood them and their work and am able to express that through their portfolio in a way they hadn’t been able to see.

 It is my job to see and hear photographers on a deep level and interpret that into a photography portfolio that tells their unique story.

  • My middle name is Morningstar
  • I love pickled and fermented foods
  • I pretend I can garden and sometimes things grow

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