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I want to capture the essence of who you are, and what is really important to you.

I want to work with you in your portrait session to make you feel as comfortable as possible, when it can sometimes be quite confronting. I know it is challenging when I am asking you to be vulnerable and open up to me.
There is nothing better for me than looking through images from a photoshoot session and seeing you open up and suddenly shine, showing me your true uninhibited self – the beauty that everyone else sees when they know and love you.

I chose portraiture because women in particular tend to take a step back behind the camera after all the milestone events, (18th and 21st birthdays, engagements, weddings, pregnancies) and become invisible.
They are normally the ones documenting their world around them, but not being recorded in it.
I feel a strong connection to history, genealogy and stories. I want to help document images of you now, whether it’s a special treat, a gift from a loved one, or if you are in a period of transition in your life that deserves recording.

I focus on offering physical prints, as a tangible representation of this moment in time for you.Flat lay of vintage telephone, camera and stationary design

This is your legacy.

I would love for you to record a story that was significant to your session, whether it is about the stage of life you are at, or something that you wore in your session that has a special meaning.
I believe that it is so important that these stories are passed down with the images and future generations can hear in your own words what had such meaning to you at the time these images were taken.

Studio portrait of an older woman with blonde hair with a pink streak wearing an evening gown smiling at the camera

Thank you for making feel like Queen for a Day with professional makeup and pampering.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Angela behind the camera.  Great reminder that everyone is beautiful.  The images are beautifully choreographed to look natural and me at my best.  What a great gift to build any ladies self esteem.


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