Retreat and workshop coverage

Image of womans hands holding journal turning pages about to paste in an inspirational quoteRapids in the river surrounded by trees in Lynn Valley CanyonImage of gloved hands placing inspirational quotes on a table with a heart shaped stone embossed with Courage in the foregroundClose up of water rushing around rocks in the rapids at Lynn Valley Canyon

Images from Get Fired Up! 
Coaching and Fitness Retreats
November 2017

Are you planning a retreat or workshop for groups of up to 15 people in the Vancouver area?

I really enjoy working with women in a period of transition, capturing moments and the emotion behind them. I want them to have a tangible, visual connection to their personal growth and also the journey they have taken.

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I would love to discuss working with you to find a way to help each other or to collaborate. If you think this could be of value to your next workshop or retreat, please get in touch using the button below.

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