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Image of womans hands holding journal turning pages about to paste in an inspirational quoteImage of a woman dressed in white leading a yoga exercise for a group of women at a mother and daughter retreat in VancouverImage of gloved hands placing inspirational quotes on a table with a heart shaped stone embossed with Courage in the foregroundImage of a woman wiping tears away as she laughs while sharing in a group of women at a mother and daughter retreat in Vancouver

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Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats Beauty of the Bond

Are you planning a retreat or workshop for groups of up to 15 people in the Vancouver area?

I really enjoy working with women in particular during a period of transition, capturing moments and the emotion behind them. I want them to have a tangible, visual connection to their personal growth and also the journey they have taken.
I would love for you to experience the work I do, and allow me to capture the essence of what you offer and the impact it has on your clients.

This is why I love to work with people who need and want to show love and kindness to themselves through self care for their soul or physical body.

I would love to discuss working with you to find a way to help each other, so please feel free to get in touch for a chat if you think this could be of value to you.

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