Reviving a Thanksgiving tradition in Sechelt

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Image of a dock with deck chairs and a Canadian flag on an inlet with the sunshine streaming over the hills in Autumn at Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, BC

We spend our 2017 Thanksgiving in Sechelt basking in the sun.

Somehow I have never blogged about our Thanksgiving tradition with our “framily” and now I’m really sad that I never took my camera until this year (and also wondering HOW I never took my camera….).

Image of a woman look out of a window on the car deck of the ferry from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay, BC

Geoff and Steve worked together at EA in Melbourne until it’s untimely closure (prior to which, Cari and I drank shitloads of wine and thought about becoming the Real Housewives of Sweden – since Sweden was on the cards for all of us for a while). After the guys were made redundant, Steve and Cari returned to Canada to start work in Montreal – and ultimately we ended up in Toronto.

One year we all decided we should mark a point somewhere half way between Montreal and Toronto and rent a cottage for Thanksgiving weekend. We ended up on Amherst Island staying at the Waterfront Cottage at Foot Flats Farm, after taking a ferry from Kingston.

The first year was a huge fail on my part trying to get there – I wasn’t super confident driving on the opposite side of the road, missed the turn-off to head north, the GPS recalculated and we were on our merry way to Amherst near Detroit….for nearly 90 minutes. So our 4 hour road trip became 8 hours and I nearly had to pee in a takeaway coffee cup – while driving.
We went back the following year, and then Steve and Cari moved to Vancouver and our Thanksgiving tradition took a 2 year hiatus.

Image of a dock with deck chairs and a Canadian flag on an inlet with the sunshine streaming over the hills in Autumn at Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, BC

This year we decided get Thanksgiving going again, so started looking at places to rent on the Sunshine Coast, and ultimately ended up staying just outside of Sechelt.
The house was amazing – so much space, everything we needed to make our Thanksgiving “dinner” (we ended up buying a couple of cooked chickens instead of roasting a Turkey) and even a dishwasher!

We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale on Friday evening and arrived quite late, so didn’t get a chance to explore until Saturday. We drove into Sechelt on Saturday morning, where Cari and I hit up the op-shops (thrift stores) and Cari scored an amazing emerald green coat custom tailored in Hong Kong which looked like it was made for her.

We grabbed lunch in Gibsons and had a wander down at the waters edge before heading over to Persephone Brewing Company (they had chickens!) to restock the dwindling beer supplies.

As usual, wherever we wandered, I ended up taking photos of plants and flowers…can’t help myself.

After eating way too much food on Saturday, and a delicious brunch with awesome coffee (2 Cortados thanks) at the Basted Baker, we decided a walk/gentle hike was probably in order. We did a modified version of the Chapman Creek Falls and actually entered from just past the municipal dump instead of the full trail.

Some brave people were diving from a small cliff into a rockpool at one of the falls, considering how cold the water would have to be.

We were so lucky with the weather the entire weekend. We had some very brief rain showers which led to a super intense rainbow on Saturday and then brilliant sunshine for the rest of the time we were there including the ferry back to Horseshoe Bay.

I was really surprised how quickly the ferry ride was and it was so nice to be able to actually see everything on the way back, since the trip over to Langdale was dark and had been raining off and on (did get glimpses of a beautiful harvest moon though).

And so ends another Thanksgiving weekend, a lot of food, a lot of alcohol and many hilarious games of Catan!

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