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Studio portrait of a young woman in a floral dress looking at the camera

I created some mixed light portraits with my make up artist that have a 70's boho vibe.

Tara is one of the talented hair and make up artists who I have worked with on photoshoot sessions for my clients.

She has a very cool, boho 70’s aesthetic which I love and I was super happy she agreed to step in front of my camera.

Studio portrait of a young woman in a floral dress looking at the camera

Originally we had planned to head into the woods for a shoot, but the weather had been pretty inconsistent in the lead up to the session in mid April.
So on the day we decided that maybe it would be best (and less muddy) to stay indoors.

Studio portrait of a young woman in a floral dress looking at the camera

Tara had brought this super cute dress from Forever21 which I love and secretly covet.
Although I tend to stick with white, black, light black or dark black in my wardrobe.

Studio portrait of a young woman in a floral dress and denim jacket looking at the camera

The light was just a tad patchy on the day and I had the strobes ready just in case I needed them.

Normally I would default back to strobes alone if I felt there wasn’t quite enough natural light.
But I decided to try mixing strobe and the ambient natural light together for this shoot and have a bit of a play.

I decided I would try to drop my shutter speed much lower than normal.
Usually I would have my shutter speed between 1/100 and 1/160 but for this I lowered it to 1/20.
This freezes most of the frame but there will be some motion blur if something is travelling through the frame.

Studio portrait of a young woman twirling in a floral dress looking at the camera

I really love how the mix of strobe and much lower shutter speed allowed a lot more motion to come through in the movement of the dress, and I feel like this could be something special for a huge tulle or chiffon creation!

So, I hadn’t done a lot of mixing of strobe and ambient light before, but I had seen a blog post a couple of years ago that talked a bit about it.

To find more of Tara’s work, click the FB icon to the right

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