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showing her gumption

I have been really lucky to shoot some inspirational women lately and I want to bring their stories to you.

Everyone has a story whether they believe it or not.
I really believe in recording these stories for future generations.

This session was with Shelagh who has recently authored a book called Gumption: The Practical Womans Guide to Living an Adventuresome Life.

You can find Shelagh’s book about Gumption by clicking on the amazon icon

Actions, not just words

The photoshoot was focused around some of the items where Shelagh had put her own tips into practice. Shelagh mentioned that this pink coat was not normally something she would wear. But since she found it at a thrift shop and bought it, she consistently gets comments about how amazing it looks on her.

Outside her comfort zone

I really loved the story about how Shelagh was singing in a choir and then decided to join a rock band.
How she had to really step outside of her comfort zone in order to approach the band members to ask to join.
And then to learn how to really let go of her inhibitions to belt out the songs on stage.

I also took the opportunity to film Shelagh and ask her about Gumption – check out the video below where she talks about her inspiration for Gumption and how women in particular can use Gumption in their everyday lives to conquer their own challenges.
Breaking out and having fun

The coral prom dress which was so much fun to shoot. We actually added an extra crinoline skirt underneath the existing one, and ended up with a HUGE puffy dress.

Older woman dressed in black and wearing glasses smiles during a portrait session by Vancouver contemporary portrait photographer Angela McConnell

MUAH Trisha Florentin

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Challenging perceptions of women aging in society | Vancouver Contemporary Portraits | Photography by Angela McConnell
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