The Braving Workshop

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Women gather on the beach at Bowen Island during an exercise at a courage and bravery workshop by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell

the braving workshop

bowen island, bc

Dagmar from Courage Space Coaching gives me all the details about her latest offering, The Braving Workshop. I covered the first workshop of the 2019 season, which was held on a beautiful day on Bowen Island, BC.

The Braving Workshop is a creation that’s very close to my heart, based on my love of nature and my own very personal experience with change , mixed together with my professional skills and resources as a coach.

A safe space

I wanted to create something that would provide a safe space for people to explore the possibilities of making a change and experience that it’s possible.

I also wanted to show people the power nature has in helping us work through our personal challenges and how, by just spending a few hours in a beautiful place surrounded by a supportive group, we can make powerful steps towards the change we’re seeking.
Contact Dagmar if you’d like to find out more about times and dates and join one of our weekly workshops. You can find Dagmar at any of the icons below.
Who should attend

The Braving Workshop is for people either amidst change or about to embark on change and would like some help and support in the process.

Some of our attendees are going through a life or career transition, starting a new business, wanting to grow an existing business or are leaders looking to do some personal development and growth for themselves or their teams.

What you can expect to get out of the braving workshop

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